Monday, April 11, 2011


Hye guys out there. What are you all doing this weekend? Have you spent your money berjoli katak? If not go out and get some life. Even blogger need to be socialize. Okey back to our topic for today, How To Become Malaysia Politician. I have an easy way for those who wanted to become a politician.

First, you need to find some great current issue. Next go and get few friend to be your supporter. Then if the issues are hot and sensitive enough, just go to the police station to lodge a police report. Don't forget to call few buttkisser reporter and let them snap your photo and put in their great newspaper. Because why, lately i've seen few scumbags came out from no where and lodge a police report just for publicity and put some title such as Pemuda  A*K, Putera UM**, and also P*RK**A cawangan batang kali. So macam mana, senang tak nak jadi ahlil politik.

For me all The Next Top Politician muncul tak dramatik langsung and look so damm lame. Tak ada dah ke cara lain selain daripada jadi macam hero padahal still need the help from police to settle the case. Susah kita nak tengok politician ni datang dari komuniti yang telah dia ubah menjadi lebih baik. That's why, it's hard for us to see people bertanding dalam pilihanraya secara BEBAS dan tak mewakili mana-mana parti. Even at pilihanraya Manik Urai, this one fella (Parti Cangkul i think) came out from no where and try to bertanding tapi malangnya sehari ja berkempen then tarik diri.

So the conclusion of this tips, makin senang korang jadi politician makin senang juga la korang jatuh sebagai ahli politik. If you want to be a real politician, don't only think about yourself, thing about other and what you could give to others. Sekian, salam, cheers.

p/s: dah dekat 3 hari posting ni terperam dalam dashboard.

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